The Cuisine, Saffron Manuka and Saffron Mezze House Kingston

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Kingston Mezze House


The golden touch of saffron - the most expensive and exotic spice in the world, is ever present in the restaurant, specializing in indulgent east Mediterranean cuisine. What diners hold dear is recognised - the inviting aroma of the combination of Greek, Turkish & Lebanese delicacies offering new taste sensations in the setting of fresh modern décor and relaxed, friendly service.

Along with the precious spice saffron, the Chef has added ‘Sumac’, also a Mediterranean spice that is ground from berries, which adds a tart, lemony flavor to poultry, fish or meat, resulting in a distinctive flavor to crave for.

The extensive wine list features the best Australian drops, including local labels as well as select champagnes.

Close your eyes, inhale the aromas, and let your mouth take in the flavors and texture that Saffron has to offer.